Arbroath by macieklew
Arbroath, a photo by macieklew on Flickr.

The city where one of the most important document in Scottish history was drafted, home of the Red Lichties, host of the annual Seafront Spectacular, and one of the few places where you can see intricate Pictish carvings on largely-intact stones, Arbroath is certainly a place to be remembered. Its history that stretches back to the Iron Age, and an active tourist center, should make for an interesting day out in Scotland.  

Arbroath Cemetery 2009-08-07 by G Davidson
Arbroath Cemetery 2009-08-07, a photo by G Davidson on Flickr.
When in Arbroath…

  • Go to see the Bell Rock lighthouse which Robert Stevenson–the lighthouse engineer, not the author–designed. It was the first lighthouse to be built on a reef that was at times completely covered by the tide. Today it is home to the Arbroath Signal Tower Museum.
  • Wander through the “fit o’ the toon” where the smell of smokies permeates the atmosphere.
  • View the beautiful collection of stones in St. Vigean’s Museum contains the Drosten Stone, which is one of very few Pictish artefacts to bear a text in Latin, “DROSTEN: IREUORET [E]TTFOR CUS”. We are not quite sure what it means.
  • Picnic on the red sandstone cliffs and marvel at the endless horizon.

KB Arbroath Girls by Gramma Elizabeth
KB Arbroath Girls, a photo by Gramma Elizabeth on Flickr.

arbroath smokies by brianarchie65

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