August 17, 2011

5 of the Best Restaurants in the UK

With such a rich culinary heritage, it is no surprise that the UK is home to so many excellent restaurants. Here, we look at five UK restaurants which are simply exceptional and certainly worth a visit:

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One of the most famous restaurants in the UK is undoubtedly The Fat Duck, which was opened in 1995. The restaurant is owned by Heston Blumental, who is also the restaurant's Head Chef and has held three Michelin stars since 2004.

In terms of the food served, the experience is closer to a scientific experiment than a dining one, with unusual but delicious culinary combinations such as bacon and egg ice cream. The most popular dish at the restaurant is salmon poached in liquorice, which has an intriguing taste and appearance. The restaurant is located within the town of Bray, in the South Eastern county of Berkshire.

The city of London is renowned for its vast number of fantastic restaurants, but the Locando Locatelli is a cut above the rest. It was opened in 2002 by the talented Giorgio Locattelli, who was awarded a Michelin star just a year later.

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The restaurant serves traditional Italian food fused with interesting worldwide flavours as well as an extensive wine list. Although it doesn't have one specific signature dish, the pasta is exceptional, in particular, the ravioli.

The restaurant is located on Seymour Street and can be reached from the Marble Arch subway station as well as a number of bus services. For those planning to stay in the area, there are a number of nearby London hotels such as The Cumberland and the Montcalm Hotel that are within short walking distance of the restaurant.

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For an alternative to pricey dining, the superb Anstruther Fish Bar located in the small village of Anstruther in Fife offers arguably the country's best fish and chips.

The restaurant has been a local attraction since 2003 and has been visited by Tom Hanks and Robert DeNiro as well as countless other celebrities. There are a number of traditional fish and chip shop dishes as well as locally sourced prawns and responsibly sourced fish dishes.

The restaurant is not part of a chain, so the only way to experience their delicious dishes by visiting the shop situated on the sea front at Anstruther, on the East coast of Scotland. It is easily accessible by road from a number of places, including the nearby University town of St Andrews.

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One of the top restaurants in Northern Ireland is the Cayenne restaurant in Belfast. The head chef and owner is the celebrity chef Paul Rankin, who was recipient of Northern Ireland's first Michelin star.

As well as a stimulating avant-garde interior, the restaurant offers fantastic international dishes, ranging from Chinese to Spanish. The signature dishes include salt and chilli squid with chilli jam and aioli as well as the tantalising soft centred chocolate cake with burnt orange ice cream.

The restaurant is nestled amongst several other high class restaurants and shops in Belfast's Shaftesbury Square.

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Another restaurant in the United Kingdom's top five is located in Wales, just an hour away from Cardiff. The Crown at the Whitebrook Hotel has earned a Michelin Star, one of only two in Wales, as well as a number of awards for its wine list, including the AA Wine Award.

The head chef, James Sommerin, focuses on using locally sourced food, ensuring that it is as fresh as possible. The menu offers British fusion food with speciality dishes such as Welsh Lamb and locally sourced fish. For those who can't decide on just one dish, there are tasting menus available. As well as offering beautiful food, it is also set in the stunning surroundings of the Wye Valley and is easily accessed by the motorway.


  1. "One of the top restaurants in the republic of Ireland Is the Cayenne restaurant in Belfast". Belfast is not in the Republic of Ireland - you need to be careful when discussing Northern Ireland and the Republic - even in relation to something as apparently innocuous as a restaurant critique.

  2. @ Stewart: Thank you for alerting me to that mistake! I admit, I did not fact-check everything my guest writer wrote. I don't even cover Northern Ireland in this blog, so hopefully I won't make that mistake again!


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