August 06, 2011

Aero vs. Air Delight

I know I'm not the only person out there who's been wondering if Hershey's new aerated chocolate bar snacks up to the amazing Nestle Aero. I have yet to find a satisfactory comparison of the two, however, so I've decided to create my own.

Thank goodness I don't have to resort to the outrageous online prices to get a little British goodness--there's a neat little specialty shop in my area that stocks things like Marmite, English mustard, and yes, Aero chocolate bars. When the Hershey Air Delights came to Walmart I knew that it was time for an official taste test.

Now I'm not even going to attempt to compare the flavors of the two. British chocolate is almost universally considered superior to American, so let's just leave it at that. With aerated chocolate though, the real point is the difference in texture, so I'll zero in on that.

My brother and I were the guinea pigs (very willing guinea pigs, at that) for this experiment. I ate each bar "knowingly", and Aaron did a blind taste/texture test. Here are our findings: 

The Aero bar is a light and fluffy bit of Heaven. You put it in your mouth and can literally feel the bubbles! I love rolling little nibbles over my tongue and letting all that rich, chocolatey goodness sink in. This bar has been around in Britain since the 1930s, so I think they've perfected the art by now.

The Hershey Air Delight bar was indeed similar, but we both found that it was not quite as fluffy as the Aero--it melted faster and after a couple seconds felt just like a normal chocolate bar (Not that I'd complain about that!). My brother thought that the Aero was a little sweeter, too.

All in all, I think that since the Aero is thicker (and has that nice "bubble" shape) it keeps its air pockets longer than the Air Delight. Now of course the Hershey bar is usually cheaper and far more accessible to most Americans, but my opinion is that the Aero wins hands-down when it comes to that lovely texture you expect from an exotic aerated chocolate bar.

Case closed!


  1. Nice roundup.

    I've tried a lot of aerated bars from different countries. I'd say that Aero is unique in the shape and firmness of the bubbles. Virtually all other bars that I've had were in the style of the Hershey's.

    Honestly, I don't care for the chocolate quality in either - Hershey's obviously has a stronger flavor but the Nestle is lacking much cocoa punch.

  2. Great minds think alike in our taste tests :) Such a fun post! XoL


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