August 25, 2011

Bits of Inveraray

Inverary again! by howbeg
Inverary again!, a photo by howbeg on Flickr.

Inveraray may look just like a Scottish town should. That's because nearly all of it was planned out from the beginning as one charming whole. 

Before the reconstruction of the grand Inveraray Castle, the town of Inveraray was little more than a jumble of relatively unattractive huts. All that changed with the duke of Argyll, however; he wished to move the entire town away from his lovely home. And so the new town of Inveraray was built.

Inverary by roger g1
Inverary, a photo by roger g1 on Flickr.

Much of the town's design was done by Robert Mylne, the celebrated 18th century architect. In the end there was a hotel, Town House, woollen mill, lovely housing, and a pier (the herring industry exploded here in years to come). Now it's an extremely photogenic coach stop for buses from Glasgow.
Romantic hotel by howbeg
Romantic hotel, a photo by howbeg on Flickr.

The Inveraray Jail is now a fascinating little museum, filled with frighteningly lifelike mannequins, ghosts, and plenty of information on life and punishment in the olden days.

Loch Fyne Whiskies !!!! by jackatlargs
Loch Fyne Whiskies !!!!, a photo by jackatlargs on Flickr.

Whisky, anyone?
A lick of paint required here! by howbeg
A lick of paint required here!, a photo by howbeg on Flickr.

If you're ever in Inveraray, why not take the time to drop by Ben Cruachan, "the hollow mountain?" Travel deep inside and see the power station in the heart of the mountain.

Shira delight by SwaloPhoto {offline}
Shira delight, a photo by SwaloPhoto {offline} on Flickr.
Cross Houses, Inveraray by Matthew Boyle



  1. Nice town & first photo. It's not the easiest lace to get to as most people go to Oban via Tyndrum and consequently it's been far too long ago for me.
    Last year I did the Ben Cruachan power station trip ( ... & a humorous blog!) and it is like a film set for an old James Bond film but not allowed to take photos inside. On a side note, it might be worth your while looking up some pictures of St Conan's Kirk on the shores of Loch Awe... an unassuming building from the outside but the history of the place and it's architecture are unbelievably fascinating.

  2. Thanks for the comment and suggestion, J! I'll look into that :)


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