This is Part II of a two-part series on the fishing villages of the East Neuk of Fife. To experience  Elie and EarlsferryKilconquhar, ColinsburghSt MonansPittenweem, and Carnbee, see Bits of the East Neuk Part I!
anstruther harbour 3125 by spottiewattie17
anstruther harbour 3125, a photo by spottiewattie17 on Flickr.


Cellardyke The Harbour by stusmith_uk
Cellardyke The Harbour, a photo by stusmith_uk on Flickr.


Aurora Borealis (1906) by D.Y
Aurora Borealis (1906), a photo by D.Y on Flickr.
  • Cellardyke is an easterly extension of Anstruther. Tied to the sea from its inception, the village was once called “Silverdykes” (Scots pronounce “silver” as “siller”) because of the sun’s glitter on the scales of herring that once dried on the harbor walls. The Dutch-built harbor is now more popular with pleasure craft than fishermen. 
  • In 2007, Cellardyke became the first place in the UK with an instance of avian influenza (bird flu). Here’s a tip: don’t bring your pet swan to Cellardyke–just in case. 
  • If you’re up for a little adventure, go kayaking and abseiling, or try your hand at archery, at East Neuk Outdoors.

Skeith Stone by D.Y
Skeith Stone, a photo by D.Y on Flickr.


  • This village’s claim to fame is the nearby Skeith Stone, a weathered boulder which bears the faint impression of Pictish carvings (see “Pictish Mysteries of Aberlemno“). It points to Kilrenny’s ancient Christian heritage; can you see how the eight “petals” within the ring are arranged in pairs to form a cross?
  • The name “Kilrenny” may be derived in part from Cill Reithneach, meaning “church of the bracken.” The church here still possesses its 15th century tower, though the rest has been reconstructed over the years.

Crail Harbour FIFE by G T B 2008
Crail Harbour FIFE, a photo by G T B 2008 on Flickr.

  • This little “nook” of the world inspires artists of all sorts. Here is a snippet of Robbie Kennedy Bennett’s poem The Silver Trail to Crail:
Early once more by the sensuous shore

Onward I gather my trail,

Twenty so miles over sand steps and styles

Walking from Leven to Crail.


  • When in Scotland–golf! If you’re a passionate golfer then Kingsbarns Golf Links is the place for a splurge (it was one of the courses that hosted the European Tour’s Dunhill Links Championship). Reserve your April 2012 tickets now and get a whopping discount, only  ¬£175 a round!
  • The king’s barns that gave this little village its name once supplied the royal residences of Crail and Falkland with grain. Long since moldered away into dust, they survive in name only.
Hailstorm @ Kingsbarns by angus clyne
Hailstorm @ Kingsbarns, a photo by angus clyne on Flickr.


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