You don’t have to read Picture Britain to see beautiful photos of Great Britain every day! Many of the photos on my blog are available for download from their Flickr page, and you can use them to create a gorgeous screen saver or desktop wallpaper for your computer. My laptop has Windows 7 installed on it and my desktop background is a rotating slideshow that changes to a new photo from the blog every hour. I love it!

Here’s how to download some of your favorite photos from Picture Britain:

1. Find a photo you really love, like this one from Clackmannanshire:

Robin by pipsroadster
Robin, a photo by pipsroadster on Flickr.

Then follow the link in the photo’s title, usually located directly below the photo. In this case you’d click on “Robin”.

2. This will take you to that photo’s page on Flickr. Right-click the photo and select the largest size possible (“Original” will have the best resolution, but sometimes the largest available is only “Large” or “Medium”).
3. You’ll see a page that gives you the option to “Download the Original/Large/etc. size of this photo.” Click that.
4. The file should start to download and then you’re on your way! You can store all your Picture Britain photos in a single file on your computer, then create your screen saver (here are instructions for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Macintosh), or set your desktop wallpaper (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7Macintosh).
Keep in mind that not every photographer allows free downloads of their photographs, so this process will not help you get those pictures which have been protected. Also, please respect the artists’ copyrights and do not use these photos for anything but personal use without their express permission. 
Leave a comment or question below and tell me how this worked for you!

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Written by Abigail Young

I've had a passion for everything British my entire life, despite being raised as a small-town girl in the American Midwest, After years of dreaming, I got the chance to live and work in England for an entire year. Now I write about my favorite country, and hopefully inspire my fellow Britophiles to get over there and experience it for themselves.

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