Buckingham Palace Gardens by Sebastian Bjurbom
English gardens are known to be the most beautiful things about spending spring in England. Everyone knows what a great time it is to stroll amidst lush green grasses, countless arrays of spring flowers in their most beautiful blooms and the clear lakes and pools that complete the view. From here, we can say that spring in England is best experienced and felt in authentic English gardens.

There are over a hundred royal gardens all over England, and the most famous ones include the one in the Buckingham Palace and that in the Windsor Castle.

To get the feeling of royalty, be in the bloom-scented walkways of the Buckingham Palace during summer where the space is opened for the public. If you are lucky, you might even be among the chosen few who get the chance to rub elbows with royalty in the garden parties the Queen holds at certain times each year.
About 8,000 people from all over England are given an invitation to attend the garden parties in the royal gardens of the Buckingham Palace. Guests are people from or referred by government organizations and offices in England. When a garden party is soon to be held at the palace’s garden, the office of the Lord Chamberlain will send out invitations to the chosen guest on behalf of the Queen.
Pond at Autumn by wwarby
Pond at Autumn, a photo by wwarby on Flickr.
Windsor Great Park’s Savill Garden is another famous spot that should be included in the list of royal gardens in England to visit.

Savill Garden is world-famous for the countless species of flowers that grace the spring with their most beautiful blooms that one can see on garden exploration walks. It is also a wonderful place to be in the outdoors if one is into getting active as in walking, running, jogging, biking, horse riding and rollerblading.  Those who want to chill will also find great activities to do in Savill. There are areas where one can lay his or her picnic mat and have the bounty of the spring afternoon amidst the wonderful view of the garden. The garden also has facilities for fishing.

In a royal botanical garden, one can expect even more activities to do and facilities to try out. There is more to being in royal botanical gardens than just strolling walkways adorned by flowers and breathing in air that is graced by the natural perfumes of flowers in bloom; royal botanical gardens also offer a deeper nature treat during a visit.
Circles of Green by frielp
Circles of Green, a photo by frielp on Flickr.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew or the Kew Gardens is a place that holds the most number of plant collections in the entire world. It houses 300,000 different kinds of plants, and its herbarium holds no fewer than seven million preserved plant species that are used as a basis for studying the world’s plant taxonomy.
The 121 acres of land that house the whole royal botanical gardens have several facilities for tourists to visit and for green thumbs to learn more about their hobby. Among these facilities would be the Jodrell Laboratory, the Kew Seedbank, the center of Economic Botany, the Forensic Horticulture, the library with books and drawings and, of course, the herbarium.
Boscage by David Barrie
Boscage, a photo by David Barrie on Flickr.
In a royal botanical garden, one can expect even more activities to do and facilities to try out. Also, the arrays of flowers are mostly known to be labeled in their scientific names with essential information about the species placed in the tag.

This is why royal botanical gardens are not only great places to come to and hangout during summer or spring, but they are also good places to start learning the basics of setting up a garden in one’s own lawn!

This guest post was written by The British Travel Guide.
Crocus Field by wwarby
Crocus Field, a photo by wwarby on Flickr.

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    I’ve only ever been to Kew gardens the once and it was a flying visit, however the parts I did spend time in were stunning. I doubt I’d ever get an invite to the royal garden party as I’m nothing more than riff-raff, a peasant, common as muck in the eyes of our wonderful royal family the ‘Saxe-Coburg Gotha’s’. Yes this is their real family name before they changed it to Windsor due to anti-German sentiment at the start of the second world war. They are about as English as Hitler – you may have guessed I’m not a fan.

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