Rhu parish church, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. by Grangeburn
Rhu parish church, Dunbartonshire, Scotland., a photo by Grangeburn on Flickr. 

  • Dumbarton Studios is the home of BBC Scotland’s long-running drama series River City and since 2008 has  Personal Affairs, Hope Springs, How Not To Live Your Life, Garrow’s Law, Eagle of the Ninth and The Deep
  • The Mystery of Overtoun Bridge is a local puzzle concerning a bridge on the Overtoun estate in West Dunbartonshire. Supposedly, over fifty dogs “over a period of decades, ha(ve) inexplicably lost their lives ‘jumping off’ Overtoun Bridge, near Dumbarton….” This strange occurrence of “dog suicide” is still unsolved. 

THE BOYS IN BLUE by Grangeburn
THE BOYS IN BLUE, a photo by Grangeburn on Flickr. 
  • Poet and novelist Tobias Smollett (1721-1771) was born in Renton, West Dunbartonshire. It is said that he influenced later novelists such as Charles Dickens.
  • The famous clipper ship Cutty Sark was build in 1869 at Scott and Linton’s shipyard at the mouth of the Leven in Dumbarton. Today she is preserved in dry dock in Greenwich, London.

Scotland's Railway Relics by Dave Forbes Photography
Scotland’s Railway Relics, a photo by Dave Forbes Photography – Milton of Campsie

  • One of the earliest developers of what would become the television, John Logie Baird, was born in Helensburgh in 1888 and is buried there with his wife, mother, and father.
  • The Argyll Motor Works, in Alexandria, built in 1910, was at one time the largest car factory in the world.

Helensburgh and beinn a Mhanaich (Monk's hill) 709m by Grangeburn
Helensburgh and beinn a Mhanaich (Monk’s hill) 709m, a photo by Grangeburn on Flickr. 

  • Sir Walter Scott stayed at Ross Priory (a place without any ecclesiastical connection) on the shores of Loch Lomond and is said to have composed the Lady of Lake there.


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