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When it comes to the Diamond Jubilee, there’s only one place to celebrate in style: London, the place where it all began.

London is undeniably the place to be in 2012. With the Olympic Games and Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, it’s unlikely that any other city will have quite so much buzz around it. If you’re planning on visiting London for the Jubilee celebrations, be sure to plan your visit meticulously. The city will be very busy, and if you wait until the last minute, you might find the crowds make it difficult to do what you want to do.

Thames River Pageant
One sight that is certainly not to be missed is the Thames River Pageant. At this illustrious celebration 1,000 vessels, from small rowing boats to the grand Royal Yacht Britannia, will be dressed with union flags for a procession along the Thames River. It will be one of the largest flotillas to grace the Thames, and will feature boats representing every port town in the UK. One of the more interesting vessels is the specially designed floating belfry, whose chimes will be answered by churches along the riverbank.

Street Party Table by garryknight
Street Party Table, a photo by garryknight on Flickr.

The Big Jubilee Lunch
Launched by the Eden Project and backed by a host of celebrity chefs (such as James Martin), the Big Lunch encourages friendship within communities by asking people to sit down and eat with their neighbours. The Diamond Jubilee is the perfect excuse to get involved, as street parties are a quintessentially British way to celebrate Royal events. Although this event is countrywide, there will be a host of street and garden party events in London. Get involved with a British tradition by bringing along your own Pimms and cucumber sandwiches.

Buckingham Palace by Valdiney Pimenta
Buckingham Palace, a photo by Valdiney Pimenta on Flickr.

Concert at Buckingham Palace

Unless you were lucky enough to win a ticket through the public ballot, it’s unlikely that you will be able to attend this musical event at Buckingham Palace. However, since it is sponsored by the BBC, it will be available to watch on television in all good London hotels. Even if you aren’t there, you can feel smug in the knowledge that it’s all going on a few miles away.

St. Paul's Cathedral, London by Dimitry B
St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, a photo by Dimitry B on Flickr.

Service of Thanksgiving
The final day of the celebration will see the Queen visiting St Paul’s Cathedral for a special service, with a prayer for the Diamond Jubilee. Again, it is unlikely that you will be able to get inside St Paul’s Cathedral, but you can join the thousands of well-wishers along the route of the procession: from Westminster to Buckingham Palace, where there will be a 60 gun salute.

Battersea Park Jubilee Festival
Despite a schedule clash with the Thames River Pageant, Battersea Park will be holding a festival of its very own. Craft stalls, rides, and vintage musicians will be on hand to entertain revellers.  For those looking for a pint, the Diamond Geezer pop up pub will be providing refreshments and a massive cake stand with 1,000 Jubilee-themed cakes on hand for those looking for a dainty treat. 

Battersea Park by HerryLawford
Battersea Park, a photo by HerryLawford on Flickr.

-This post was written by guest blogger Jamie Monteath

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Written by Abigail Young

I've had a passion for everything British my entire life, despite being raised as a small-town girl in the American Midwest, After years of dreaming, I got the chance to live and work in England for an entire year. Now I write about my favorite country, and hopefully inspire my fellow Britophiles to get over there and experience it for themselves.

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  1. Cranberry Morning Reply

    I would LOVE to be there for the Diamond Jubilee celebration and would not like to be there just prior to, during, or just following the Olympics.

  2. Sarah Reply

    I also think that celebrating the jubilee in London will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of such a special event but I am also very glad that the celebrations will take place all around Great Britain and especially in the Commonwealth countries. That’s why I think it’s great that the members of the Royal family have been promoting the jubilee in these countries as well. As a Canadian I can say that the bond between Canada and Queen Elizabeth has always been very strong and the jubilee is a great opportunity to celebrate her life as well as the values that we and the British have in common.

    • Abby Rogers Reply

      Great point, Sarah! I never really think of Canada as part of the Commonwealth, but I suppose that they do have a richly British history. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

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