April 22, 2012

The Scooby Snack: Heartburn on a Bun

Have you ever been in this situation before? You're roaming around Scotland’s "biggest, fiercest, and most exciting city" (Glasgow, of course) at about midnight, when you have the sudden urge to eat a full fried Scottish breakfast on a bun. Where would you go to satisfy your craving? The Maggie, of course.

Helfy by Ross Finnie [20Hz]
Helfy, a photo by Ross Finnie [20Hz] on Flickr.
Maggie's hamburger van is not your typical, everyday food truck. It has been threatening the city's health for years with its greasy rolls, hamburgers, and soup, but what has made this Glaswegian institution world famous is what has been called "Glasgow in a bun". Here it is, ladies and gents: fried egg, flat sausage, bacon, cheese, potato scone, and hamburger patty piled high on a floury roll, slashed with ketchup and brown sauce. Does it get any better than that?

According to a street food blogger, "the bacon is thick cut and salty, the sunny-side up egg is oily, and the slice of processed cheese is gooey and coagulated. The result is a burger that looks, feels, and tastes like it should be illegal," and one satisfied Glaswegian says, "Quite frankly, you haven't lived if you haven't tried a Scoobie Snack from the Maggie. On the flipside, if you try it on a regular basis, chances are you're not going to live for very long." Let's just say that this bit of Britain ought to be enjoyed in moderation.

Simie, a photo by Colin-Young on Flickr.
So if you're ever out wandering the streets of Glasgow between 10 AM and midnight, and you find yourself near Queen Margaret Drive, and you're in the mood for a truly magnificent, artery-clogging experience, Maggie's Van is where you need to be because the Scooby Snack is always on the menu. 

First Photo: Scooby Snack, a photo by cormac70 on Flickr.


  1. Don't forget there are actually two branches of the Maggie! There's the one at the bottom of Queen Margaret Drive in the west end, and there's another one on Sauchiehall Street just over the far side of Charing Cross, which is stickered up as "The Street Cafe", but does exactly the same line of fine foods. The Charing Cross Maggie is my more frequent stop, as it's just across from Nice N Sleazy and just happens to be on my walk home :-)

    1. Thanks for commenting, Ross! It's good to know that there are twice as many heartburns waiting to happen :)

  2. Lucky Ross. I remember walking from the National Gallery to St. Martin's to Charing Cross...ah, what wonderful memories. So I'm wondering why I'm in Wisconsin. lol Just think, Abby, you will be able to get a Scoobie Snack before long. :-) It might even be worth the heartburn (once) just for the experience.

  3. Wow- better bring the antacids!


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