Finally, we’ve made it to the capital of Scotland. If you’re not a native, you probably think that Scotland is Edinburgh, though I’d be tempted to say it’s the other way around: Edinburgh is Scotland, the good the bad and the ugly and the magical. When the same city is called “The Athens of the North” and “Auld Reekie,” you know there’s a story behind it.

Seafield Blue by SwaloPhoto
Seafield Blue, a photo by SwaloPhoto on Flickr.

Over the next few weeks (or months, depends on how fascinating this is) we’ll be discovering the best of what Edinburgh has to offerthe people, places, foods, and adventures. Let’s find out what lies behind the city’s tourist facade. 

Edinburgh 20 by philwirks
Edinburgh 20, a photo by philwirks on Flickr.

From Arthur’s Seat to the Fringe Festival, from castles and ghosts to street food and dancing, from gloom to glory, this is a place that begs to be discovered.

Now it’s your turn to speak up! 
What do you want to learn about or experience in Edinburgh? 
Snow falls on St Giles by rmtx
Snow falls on St Giles, a photo by rmtx on Flickr. 

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Written by Abigail Young

I've had a passion for everything British my entire life, despite being raised as a small-town girl in the American Midwest, After years of dreaming, I got the chance to live and work in England for an entire year. Now I write about my favorite country, and hopefully inspire my fellow Britophiles to get over there and experience it for themselves.

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