Possibly the most beautiful thing about Britain—you’re never very far from anywhere. 

girls laughing in the streets of liverpool england

Me and a friend on a windy afternoon in Liverpool

Some of the most fun I ever had while living in England was on short days out to villages and cities I’d never seen before. It was wonderful to leave home in the morning with a packed lunch and go for a ride in a car, bus, or train to a delightfully unfamiliar place. Museums, food carts, graveyards, galleries, shows, shopping, churches, gardens…a world of opportunities are out there!

Just from London alone you can go on a day trip to

  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Bristol
  • Brighton
  • Stonehenge
  • The Cotswolds
  • The New Forest
  • Canterbury
  • Bath
  • Stratford-upon-Avon
  • and the list goes on and on…..
Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh

You can cram a surprising amount of activity into a day out in Edinburgh!

Many towns are really too small for a stay of several days, or even a weekend. But almost any place can be fascinating for a few hours! And if one hamlet isn’t grabbing your interest, hop in the car and drive onto the next one!


Build in Day Trips

If you are planning a trip to Britain sometime soon, I suggest that you build in several day trips. Moving to a new location every day can be exhausting (pack up, travel, unpack, sleep, pack up, unpack, etc.). It’s best if you schedule a several days in each city, and use one or two of those days for day trips. You go out in the daytime, have your fun, then come back to a familiar and comfortable home base.

Although you could spend a solid month in a big city like London without having to leave, why not get out now and then? A refreshing trip to the countryside could be just what you need to let up on the breakneck tourist pace you’ve been setting.

Here’s a humorous little video featuring a day out to Melton Mowbray, home of Stilton Cheese and the famous Melton Mowbray Pork Pie:

Written by Abigail Young

I've had a passion for everything British my entire life, despite being raised as a small-town girl in the American Midwest, After years of dreaming, I got the chance to live and work in England for an entire year. Now I write about my favorite country, and hopefully inspire my fellow Britophiles to get over there and experience it for themselves.

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    • Abigail Young Reply

      Sometimes that’s the best you can do! I have a stash of British goodies, and often indulge in a cup of Tetley’s and a biscuit and reminisce about England!

  1. Martha Reply

    How difficult did you find driving in England? The prospect is intimidating, even if we only drove outside of cities.

    • Abigail Young Reply

      To be honest, I didn’t drive at all in England, and it was pretty intimidating just to ride with someone else! But I have heard from several Americans that it isn’t all that difficult, once you learn the rules of the road. I’d definitely start out in the countryside, with lots of open space, before attempting anything more urban.

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