Ever wondered about the girl behind the blog? I am The Britophile

  • twenty-two years old
  • a disciple of Jesus Christ
  • a homeschool graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English
  • living in small (very small, think 600-people-small) town America
  • an amateur photographer
  • a writer
  • former expatriate (in Britain, of course)

By now I’m sure that you know I’m a complete Britophile (to follow my personal journey, check out The Britophile Diaries). I don’t know how long I’ve loved Great Britain, but its people, history, landscape, and food fascinate and compel me. Even after living for a year in this amazing country, I still can’t get enough of it.

Hopefully you will glimpse my passion coming through the pages of this blog, and feel free to leave me comments. Tell me your story and why you love Great Britain!

Contact me personally at picturingbritain@gmail.com.

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  1. Kelly Perkins Reply

    Great job, enjoyed reading your posts very much. I too enjoy England, been many times. Live on my ranch in Coastal Oregon. Was after curried eggs when I ran across your web site… nice and thanks for your efforts.
    Kelly Perkins

  2. Marcus Wyatt Reply

    Hello Abigail,
    I stumbled across your site whilst trying to discover why store bought American bread is so consistently dreadful! Just thought i’d say your enthusiasm for my old country is very charming and sweet. Some Brits can be terribly self effacing about our country so it’s amazing to read about someone who loves it so much. I too live in the Midwest but I don’t miss too much of my old home just fish and chips I think (Northern style with chips done in lard)!

  3. Glolria Mulcahy Reply

    I too love all things British. I am part British, but even before I knew that I was always fascinated by their history, customs,culture,etc. I am 71 years old and am also a disciple of Jesus Christ. So glad I found your site.

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